Founded in 2017 by a group of dedicated artists, our professional theatre company strives to help increase the ever-growing interest for the arts in Vancouver. By producing gripping, contemporary theatre with a heavy focus on up-and-coming Canadian playwrights, we seek to reignite the community’s passion for live performance.


We believe that the theatre should be a place open to everyone and not only the rich and retired. Vagrant Players theatre Society acts as a creative shelter for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and religious or political views; we welcome all artists who have a desire to bring important, impactful stories to the forefront of our community, and an audience that is eager to make that community a part of the North American theatre conversation.

Vagrant Players Theatre Society is a registered non-profit society.

"With an insatiable thirst to connect to provocative material, people are returning to the most visceral form of entertainment...live theatre."

-Cody Kearsley, Founder and Artistic Director



By Thomas Yungerberg

Who remembers those boozy nights in college where a quiet night in with friends degenerated to an awkward and unintelligent conversation about politics? Roommates Stu and Ben certainly do. It pretty much describes every single night they've had for the last 3 years. However, when Stu gets a parking ticket one fateful evening, the time for talking is over. The two conspire together with the help of their neighbors to create a movement that will change the political landscape in America in ways this country could have never imagined. But as the night goes on, and their plans get bigger, will their friendship survive their midnight revelation?


In order to keep shows accessible, Vagrant Players Theatre Society draws support from the local community and its avid participants.